Can a Screwdriver Turn on The Barbecue? The Bosch Ixo, Yes

Bosch DIY presented their latest news last week, in the course of a fun event that took place in the Kitchen Club of Madrid and that Decoesfera certainly not missed.

He met the new Uneo, now easier still to use and with removable battery, the GluePen, a pencil of paste perfect for all kinds of crafts and, Yes, the IXO barbecue, the latest version of the best-selling electric screwdriver in the world, which, although you may not believe it, now incorporates a special accessory to facilitate the lighting of barbecues.

UNEO, the button that changes everything

The new generation of Uneo, the three tool in one of Bosch used to tap, drill and screw in any material, has two speeds and, as you can see in the picture, with clear and simple on how to change function communication. Perfect for those who are not very skilled in these conflicts, as I go no further.

Uneo now incorporates a removable lithium battery latest generation, compatible and interchangeable with other tools from the same Power4All family of 10, 8V. It loads very fast, in just an hour, and its long range allows us to multiply the tasks to be carried out without having to recharge it.

GluePen, the pen that sticks

GluePen is the new pencil glue with which we can carry out not only small home repairs, but variety of DIY and decorating tasks. It works through thermofusible glue sticks and only 15 seconds it is ready to use, getting optimal results without having to exert pressure for a long time since you quickly paste.

GluePen It is effective in a myriad of materials, including paper, cardboard, fabrics, Cork, wood, metal, plastic or stone, since it allows high accuracy and the glue does not adhere to the nozzle, thus avoiding obstruction. Has lithium battery which is loaded via micro-USB, and its handling is really comfortable thanks to its ergonomic shape of ball-point pen, in fact we had the opportunity to try it, participating in the preparation of one of these famous lamps with plastic cups.

IXO barbecue, the most fun accessory

However, to me what most surprised me was the Ixo barbecue. It is not that Bosch does not have us used to these curious accessories, we already met not long ago Ixo wine, but its originality takes the cake, at least for the time being.

And is that the latest version of the Ixo, with light weight and lithium battery, in addition to screwing, counts now with a accessory fan ideal for barbecues, which allows to stoke the embers in a simple way: after attaching the adapter in the front, only it is necessary to ensure his grip with built-in cord and press the button.

As you can see by the cover image we can test it live, showing once again the close relationship between the kitchen and the decoration, in this case the DIY.