Business Account Dictionary Definitions 2

Checklist can help to find the right account for your own company:

  • Check basic fees
  • Is there an interest rate on credit – what is it?
  • Should a (short-term) credit line be available?
  • What is the overdraft interest?
  • Costs of bookings, direct debits, standing orders, account statements, etc.
  • Are the account statements sent by post or are they available online?
  • Are the ATMs well distributed?
  • How high are the fees if a machine outside the institute is used?
  • Is online banking safe and easy to use?
  • How high are the costs for the EC card, if there is a credit card and what are the costs?

Business account comparison

Before opening the business account, it is definitely worthwhile for you to compare a business account . Banks make the most money when they run such an account. But the business account comparison shows that there are very big differences here. You should definitely pay attention to the following criteria:

  • What is the monthly basic price and the fee for the account management?
  • What costs do you incur for bookings?
  • Are there special costs, such as for cash withdrawals or cash deposits
  • Are there any additional costs for a credit card or giro card?


Fyrst is a digital bank for founders, self-employed and freelancers. Fyrst offers two different accounts. The BASE business account on the one hand and the COMPLETE account on the other . Both support you in your everyday business life. You get the smart entry-level business account BASE for € 0 a month . The business account with the COMPLETE add-on, on the other hand, costs you € 10.00 per month .

Tip : As a Fyrst user you get 25% off the first 12 months of the sevDesk accounting software! You benefit from the close cooperation between sevDesk and Fyrst .

Commerzbank business account


  • Choose between three account models
  • You can adapt each account model to your user requirements
  • Personal advice possible directly in the branch; Telephone advice is possible around the clock
  • Cash access is free
  • Use of Paydirekt procedure possible
  • There is a relocation service and a satisfaction guarantee for all account models


  • None of the three account models are free
  • Fees are also charged for paperless bookings

Sparkasse business account


  • Current account credit is granted if the creditworthiness is appropriate
  • Receipts for bookings by post or in the electronic mailbox are available
  • Clear platform and easy online banking
  • It is possible to set up powers of attorney for employees, which you can easily create with a power of attorney template
  • Debit card for cash withdrawals and cash deposits; A credit card is also available on request


  • Account management is sometimes very expensive
  • Some of the costs vary greatly. Each Sparkasse represents its own company and can charge different costs (expensive in Munich, cheap in Berlin)
  • No free business account possible

Postbank business account


  • Postbank Card for account holders and one additional person free of charge
  • Cash service in Germany possible at 9,000 ATMs of the Cashgroup
  • Use of current account credit possible
  • Advice very good
  • If you take out a special offer, you can use many services free of charge in the first year


  • Interest when using a current account credit (currently 9.9% pa)
  • Free bookings not possible
  • Free account management only depending on the credit

Other banks

In addition to the ones listed above, there are numerous other banks where you can open a business account. If you only need a simple account without a large additional range of functions, you are in good hands with the following banks with a free business account:

  • Holvi Builder
  • Fidor Bank
  • N26 business

If you expect a professional business account with a few additional functions, then the following banks come into question:

  • Deutsche Bank with the ” BusinessAktivKonto “
  • HypoVereinsbank with the ” HVB BusinessKonto 4You “
  • Targo Bank with the ” Business-Account-Plus “

Why is a business account expensive?

The booking fees for the individual transactions can be higher with a business account than with a purely private account. Another point is the so-called overdraft credit facility called or overdraft. With a private account, the interest for this can be lower than with a business account. All in all, the costs for these things can quickly amount to a few hundred euros a year. The reason for this is the very different pricing structure of the individual banks. You will not find any basic guidelines or a uniform fee schedule here.

Business Account 2

The following reasons make a business account expensive:

  • The basic monthly price for a business account is between EUR 2 and EUR 19.90. On average, you have to expect at least 5 euros.
  • No posting items are included in the basic price . Every booking on your business account, regardless of whether it is a deposit, a transfer, standing order, etc., costs you extra. The costs here are between 2 cents and up to 2.50 euros per booking.
  • In individual cases, online bookings are made free of charge or are at least cheaper than booking with receipt.
  • There are also costs for the giro card and any credit card issued . Depending on the type of card, they are between 5 and 20 euros.