Bulbs and Angle of Dissemination

The Angle of Diffusion of Light Bulbs

The bulbs have a more or less broad dissemination depending on angle. When you buy your bulb, so you should not choose any angle: indeed, the result will not be the same with a bulb with an angle of 30 ° or 180 °!

A Wide Angle of Dissemination

Want to light up a room in its entirety? You will have to choose a bulb with a rather wide angle of diffusion : between 180 ° and 360 °.

The light will not be localized: your room will be fully lit.

A Small Spreading Angle

Do you prefer light an element especially in your room? In this case, need you a localized and focused light. We recommend that you choose a bulb with an angle of 30 ° to 120 °.

For example, a closed corner is perfect for a bedside table: you don’t need a bulb that can the entire room with a lamp of this kind.
Before you buy your bulb, we invite you to think about the result you want to get: a perfectly lit room or to focus on a very specific place.

You to choose according to your needs and your lamp!

A standard bulb diffuses the light most often with a 360 ° angle because the width of the beam is often determined by the shape of your bulb. It is often useful to find his light bulb by shape .

Source: ORAM, image of a classic round bulb

This with a round shape, the light is showing with a top for spots smaller and flatter which diffuse light which is more “dense” on a smaller radius of 20 ° to 30 ° (for most of them).

Source: ORAM, a spot image

If you want to know more about light bulbs Sylvania, a ‘flagship’ brand of the manufacturer OSRAM bulb, you can read our previous article.

Our next article will deal with lamps and infrared bulbs !



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Welcome to the Manitoba Regional Lily Society

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