Briefing Dictionary Definitions

briefing is a document that expresses, in a summary way, details about a company, project or activity to be carried out.

Although it is widely used in Spanish, the word briefing comes from the English “brief ”, which means brief, so it could be considered as an informative summary.

Although briefing is used in business and military environments, its use is much more widespread in the world of marketing and advertising.

Types of briefing

Depending on its purpose, a briefing can be of several types:

Business briefing

It is a document that summarizes the points to be discussed in a meeting or the aspects to be developed in a work project. It is usually a document for internal use in companies and can be formal or informal. The latter is the most used format for daily work meetings.

Creative briefing

It is a type of briefing in which general guidelines are given about a project so that it can be developed by the creative team of a company. It is very common in corporate marketing departments or in advertising agencies and is usually delivered to art leaders, graphic designers and creative copywriters.

Briefing of marketing

It is a report that details the actions to be developed in an advertising campaign. This document is prepared by the company or agency responsible for the campaign and the information it contains is shared with the client requesting the service. It is a formal document.

Structure of a briefing

While there is no universal structure for developing a briefing , there are certain guidelines that should be considered at the time of writing the document.

Depending on the type of briefing , it may contain:

  • Name of the company, client or project to develop.
  • Context of the project or company.
  • Objectives to achieve.
  • Human, technical and financial resources available for the project.
  • Actions to develop.
  • Project execution time.
  • Measuring tools or strategies.
  • Additional information that serves to better understand or develop the actions proposed.

Against briefing

It is a briefing that has undergone modifications. It is usually done when it is considered that the original document does not meet expectations, and is rewritten or developed again to improve the original proposal. It is commonly used in the world of marketing.