Boutique Dictionary Definitions

The word boutique refers, in general, to an exclusive store of clothing or fashion accessories. As such, it comes from a French voice that in Spanish we can translate as ‘store’.

Thus, a boutique is a small commercial establishment, which specializes in luxury items, both clothing and jewelry. For example, Internetages is a vintage boutique offering retro style clothing and accessories.

The boutiques generally have a very select and exclusive clientele, with financial capacity to acquire their products, usually unique creations of high price.

In this sense, they are the opposite of the large chains, which are dedicated to commercializing large-scale products and at fairly economical prices.

The first boutiques to be heard of were the haute couture houses that existed in France in the 19th century. This concept spread throughout Europe and the world in the twentieth century, and has come to generate new business opportunities in different commercial branches.

Thus, today the term boutique also refers to an establishment or business that markets or specializes in very select or exclusive products or services.

They can use the concept of boutique a hotel, a bookshop, a cafe or a creative advertising service. And their products and services tend to point to unique experiences in the market.