Borderline Dictionary Definitions

Borderline is an English word used to designate borderline personality disorder (or TLP). As such, it is a pathology that lies on the border between neurosis and psychosis, hence the word used to call it in Spanish literally translates ‘borderline’, ‘borderline’.

The formal theorization of borderline personality disorder is recent. It dates from 1980, when described in the Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders , published by the American Psychiatric Association.

Borderline disorder is characterized by instability in the moods, behavior and interpersonal relationships of the sufferer.

An individual affected by this pathology has a dysfunctional personality: he experiences frequent and inexplicable changes in his character and image. It presents intense and unstable emotional relationships, a permanent fear of abandonment, and problems in their school or work performance.

Those who suffer from borderline disorder feel that they live their emotions to the limit: to the limit of pain, to the limit of sadness. He has recurrent feelings of emptiness or boredom, associated with an insufficient production of serotonin, the pleasure hormone, so he tries to satisfy himself through excessive food consumption, excessive expenses, drugs, sex, and even behaviors that threaten his physical integrity (self-inflicted cuts or burns), reckless (driving at high speeds), or overtly suicidal.

Their reactions are excessive, impulsive, because they have difficulty regulating their emotions, which can lead to explosions of rage and physical aggression.

Symptoms such as bulimia, depression and poor school performance could be warnings of borderline suffering during adolescence, although, in any case, the best thing to detect this disorder and clear doubts is to seek psychiatric or psychological assistance.

Borderline tumor

As a borderline tumor, it is called a type of ovarian cancer with low malignant potential, so it cannot be classified as a benign or malignant tumor (hence its border designation, as a borderline ), although there is a danger that it may become a malignant tumor