Body Paint Dictionary Definitions

Body paint refers to the art of body painting. The techniques used in body paint encompass those traditional ones used in painting, but also incorporate the use of airbrushes and the simulation of tattoos for the characterization of a character or a landscape.

The body paint is also known as body makeup as makeup body with desired shapes, as blocks facial makeup.

The body paint artistic seeks to create ephemeral works of art using the shape of the human body, especially the female gender, to enhance nudity without vulgarize.

The body paint, or also called bodypainting, has been especially popular to remember the time of pregnancy. Pregnant women resort to the art of body painting to create designs focused on the body format that breeds a new being.

The body paint is an art form inspired by indigenous cultures both pre – Columbian, African and Oriental who used natural pigments to decorate the body.

The motifs in body paintings used in tribal cultures varied according to the occasion. Many of the designs were simply used as body ornaments, but the vast majority of the paintings that have been passed down from generation to generation are part of the tribal rituals that were celebrated for generally religious reasons.