Binary Dictionary Definitions

Binary is a term that refers to something being composed of two elements or units. The word binary comes from the Latin binarius which means “something that comprises two units or elements.”

This word is formed by the word bini that indicates “two by two”, and the suffix -ario that means “relative to something”. Therefore, the term binary refers to a thing or system that goes two by two.

The word binary has different meanings, so its meaning will vary depending on the context in which it is used or the specific subject of which reference is being made.

For example, mention is made of the term binary in the fields of computing or computing when dealing with issues about the binary system, the binary file or the binary code.

Likewise, the word binary is used in the area of ​​music when we refer to the binary compass or to the stars when galaxies are studied.

Binary system

It is an enumeration system that is used in the area of ​​computing and only uses the figures 0 and 1 to display numerical representations.

The binary system was first described in the third century by the Indian mathematician Pingala, which coincided with the discovery of the number 0.

In the area of ​​computing, the binary system uses only two numbers that are 0 and 1, and any number or number of the decimal system can be expressed or converted to the binary system.

In this sense, computers or computers make use of the binary system and have two voltage levels for which the number 0 is used for shutting down and the number 1 for switching on.

Binary file

A binary file is one that is encoded in binary code so that the computer or computer can process it. For example, a photograph or an executable file by some software installed on the computer, all these are binary files.

Binary code

The binary code is that system of processors that has a computer or computer that uses the binary system.

The binary code allows encoding character strings or bit strings, therefore, allows the use of any program or software installed on a computer that decrypts the binary system. It also makes effective the use of the software on the computer, translating the user’s actions to be executed on the computer.

Binary compass

In the area of ​​musicals, the binary beat is one that refers to a rhythm or a two-beat musical beat.