Bilingual Dictionary Definitions

Bilingual refers to something or someone who is fluent in two languages.

The word bilingual comes from the Latin bilingual , composed of the prefix bi – of “two” and linguis which means “language.” Therefore, etymologically refers to something or someone who speaks or speaks two languages.

In this regard, the person who speaks three languages ​​is trilingual and those who have knowledge of more than three languages ​​are considered polyglots.

In an increasingly globalized world, being bilingual is increasingly common. Generally, bilinguals are characterized by mastering their mother tongue and English, the latter being the most widely used internationally.

The word bilingual can be used to refer to an object that is in two languages, for example, a Spanish-English dictionary is considered a bilingual dictionary. These types of dictionaries can have the words in one language and the explanation in another.

There are also more complete bilingual dictionaries that are divided into two parts: the first part contains vocabulary in the first language explained in the second language and the second part the words are in the second language and are explained in the first language.

Bilingual translates into English as bilingual.

Bilingual work

In the world of work, English has become the most used international language. That is why it is increasingly common for people to be bilingual, mastering English and their native language.

Companies seeking to hire bilingual people generally require a type of proof of foreign language proficiency. The level that a person reaches in a language is defined in two aspects: spoken and written.

Companies usually assess the candidate’s proficiency of a certain language in the first job interview using the required language, which is usually English.

For work in international organizations or companies it is advisable to demonstrate the level of language proficiency through standardized exams and recognized by institutions or language schools.

The exams mentioned, give the candidate a certificate that guarantees the individual’s command of the language, both orally and in writing. Some of the most well-known exams for the English language are TOEFL, IELTS and Cambridge.