Avoid Falls in External and Humid Environments

nonskid floors guarantee the safety of everyone in the family, and are available in various prints also add a special touch in the decoration of environments. Check it.

decorated areas, flawless paint and beautiful furniture: this dream scenario is perfect if together these characteristics, the environments present the necessary security so that people can move without risk of falling. To do this, throw hand of the non-slip floors in places such as bathroom, kitchen, patio, terrace, outdoor pool and garden areas exposed to moisture and fat and therefore more prone to accidents.

Ideal to be installed also in homes where there are elderly, children or people with disabilities, the non-slip floor has some versions.

The parts indicated for areas without coverage should be PEI (measurement unit that displays the abrasion resistance of the coating) of between 4 and 5, as the product gets exposed to climatic variations. Precisely because they are more resistant, the floors with these enumerations are also suitable for installation in backyards or garages where there is movement of cars.

To learn more about the non-slip floors, check other information home multispecialist of and take advantage of our unbeatable prices!

Variety in the Store

Here floors of different sizes, colors and patterns, marbled, textured, madeirada, stone, cement, among other options. Products are available in satin options (which has little brightness) and semigloss (brighter than the satiny).

You should also choose between the types of side finish, with rounded edge, which has a good cost-benefit ratio, or straight edge, a model that allows to be applied to lower joint, using less grout. Regardless of your choice, enlist the help of a professional at the time of installation as there are technical procedures that only an expert can do.