Agricultural Activity Dictionary Definitions

Agriculture is the part of the primary sector formed by agriculture and livestock or livestock responsible for obtaining natural resources for the production of consumer goods and raw materials, used in the preparation of products of great importance for modern life, which constitutes the secondary sector.

The agricultural activity had its beginnings in the Neolithic period. As such, the agricultural activity, on the one hand, is agriculture that is responsible for cultivating the land, for example: cereals, vegetables, vegetables, etc. and, on the other, it is livestock dedicated to the production of cattle such as: cattle, Sheep, among others.

Consequently, the agricultural market includes all companies that aim to exploit natural resources to offer them to the consumer. Through the agricultural activity, some essential products for the life of the human being are obtained, such as: meats, vegetables, and other substances of animal and vegetable origin, for example: butter, milk, eggs, among others.

There are different agricultural systems since some producers use traditional production techniques and others technology with the aim of increasing the efficiency of production activities, due to this it is observed: extensive farming (low productivity due to the absence of technology and presence of mechanized means) and intensive farming (high productivity due to the use of technology and low labor, for example: milking machine).

The agricultural activity can be carried out for subsistence purposes, that is, for own consumption or commercial purposes. Likewise, large farms are called large estates and small farms.

On the other hand, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the monetary value of goods and services produced by the economy of a country in a certain period and, the same is formed, among other sectors by the values ​​obtained in agricultural production.


The agricultural activity is an activity carried out in harmony and reciprocity with agriculture and livestock. On the other hand, livestock is an economic activity of the primary sector that is responsible for raising, treating and reproducing animals to extract from them essential products for food and other products necessary for the clothing and footwear industry.