ACT Dictionary Definitions

Standing for American Colleges Test according to abbreviationfinder, the ACT is an international standardized multiple-choice computer test that is required by universities in the United States as an admission requirement.

ACT Test


  • ACT test scores are used to supplement high school grades, order of merit, and other requirements of American colleges, to help admissions officers put local data such as courses into a broader perspective. , grades and class position.
  • Faster qualification and publication of results.
  • Quickly understand if a student needs to retake the test.
  • The candidate can finalize his application to the universities earlier.
  • Unlike other tests, the ACT has a science section that allows the candidate to demonstrate their skills in that subject.

Exam features

  • Format: By computer in authorized centers.
  • Topics: The ACT is divided into four multiple-choice sections: English, Math, Reading, and Scientific Reasoning.
  • Result based on the number of correct answers.
  • Leading admission test for university in the United States.

Skills assessed

  • English section (grammar and structure): 45 minutes for 75 questions
  • Math section: 60 minutes for 60 questions
  • Reading section: 35 minutes for 40 questions
  • Science section: 35 minutes for 40 questions
  • Writing section (optional): 40 minutes to write an essay