A Bookshelf Made with Two Old Wooden Crutches

Before you throw something which seems that it will be anything we think us twice, almost any object can have a second life with the appropriate accessories and a little imagination, even an old pair of wooden crutches.

To build a shelving with them we need Add some shelves of wood on which place after things and crutches will serve as a structure. The effect is similar to the of a ladder that turns into shelf and can be very good for decorating a small corner.

If someone does not believe is that the shelf is actually made with crutches really, here they are. In the photo above you can see the pair of crutches which has served as a starting point for this original project of recicladecoracion.

It is well the contrast of white lacquered shelves with crutches wood natural, although the shelves might be wood also if you so prefer. It can be used for place plants as a vertical garden, books on a reading corner or various objects in the entrance of the House among other things.


25+ best ideas about Crutches shelf on Pinterest

25+ best ideas about Crutches shelf on Pinterest

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