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HTML Dictionary Definitions

What is HTML? HTML (defined as HyperText Markup Language on Abbreviation Finder) is a selection language (also called page description language). The idea behind this language is that an HTML document should be viewable by all browsers (browser) regardless of whether the visitor has items. a Mac or PC. Provided, then, that one codes according […]

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3G Dictionary Definitions

In the first part of this text, you got to know the second generation (2G) mobile technologies: TDMA, CDMA, GSM, GPRS and EDGE , which were (and are) essential for the popularization of mobile telephony. In this second part, you will see the characteristics of the technologies CDMA-2000 (and their variations), UMTS (W-CDMA) and HSPA […]

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EFI Dictionary Definitions

The Extensible Firmware Interface (or simply EFI according to Abbreviationfinder dictionary) is a new technology to replace the BIOS ( Basic Imput / Output System) used in computers. The BIOS was launched in the 1980s on the IBM PC AT and, undergoing modifications, is still used today. But, with the advantages of EFI, this “tradition” […]