FYI is an abbreviation for the English term “For your information”, in Spanish it means “for your information”. In the workplace, there is a set of codes at the time of sending communications by email or physical in order to save time and reach the other person a message in which it must be fulfilled, this is the case of the acronym FYI FYI is incorporated into the body or subject of the message, in order to indicate to the recipient that the information attached is solely and exclusively informative and, therefore, does not require a response.

Likewise, when the letter “J” is added at the beginning of the acronym “FYI”, that is, “JFYI” means “Just for your information” that in Spanish is the same as “only for your information”, it contemplates the same purpose is an informational message that does not require response or any action by the recipient.

As illustrated on a webpage of Abbreviationfinder.org, email matters or bodies have different acronyms that will be known by the worker as he becomes familiar with them, such as:

  • “FYA” stands for “For your action” or “For your attention” which means “for your action” or “for your attention”, in this case, the recipient must answer the email and take action as far as requested in it.
  • “FGY” means “For your guindance” translated into Spanish is “for your guidance”, it indicates that the email contains instructions that must be followed.

A gentilicio is that adjective or noun that indicates a relationship with a geographical place, be it a neighborhood, a town, a city, a state, a province, a region, a political entity, a country, a continent, etc. You can visit digopaul.com for more definitions.

The word, as such, comes from the Latin gentilicius, derived from gentīlis, which means ‘that it belongs to the same nation or to the same lineage’, hence it can also refer to people or nations, lineages or families.

In addition, the gentilicio can be substantiated, that is, instead of saying “the Mexican individual”, we can say “the Mexican”.

In the Spanish language, the gentilicios usually are formed with a vast variety of suffixes that are added to the root of the place name or name of the place of belonging, as, for example: -a, -aco, -aíno, -án, -ano, -ar, -ario, -asco, -eco, -ego, -enco, -eno, -ense, -year, -eo, -ero, -és, -esco, -í, -iego, -ino , -isco, -ita, -o, -ol, -ota, -uco and -uz, and their respective female variants.

There are also particular gentilicios, which are related to historical, cultural or traditional aspects, and which do not respond precisely to the normal formation of gentilicios. For example, the people of Alcalá de Henares, in Spain, are known as Complutense, as they derive from Complutum, a name with which the city was known in Roman times.

On the other hand, the name of each person usually corresponds to that of the place of birth or origin of the person. However, there is also the gentilicio by adoption, which is the one that is adopted when you have lived a long time in a place or when an attachment to the place where you reside is developed: “I am Lima from the heart”.

Gentilicio e hipocorístico

The gentilicio is the form by which we designate the persons belonging or natural of a certain place. On the other hand, the hypocoristic is the designation by which people of a certain place are called by affection, and that over time they acquired a certain value of affectionate, friendly and even jocular treatment, such as the chilangos in Mexico City, the cachacos in Bogotá, Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires, Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico or Costa Ricans. At the beginning, some of the hypocorists were pejorative, but over time they acquired a certain affectionate, friendly or jocular value.

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