The WORLD Hotel Botanique: one of the Most Luxurious

A hotel that is a reference of the new design and the brazilian culture.

The Botanique Hotel was opened last year and is already one of the most luxurious of Brazil. Located in the Valley of Mello in Campos do Jordão, is among the 60 best hotels in the world and is the best Brazilian hotel according to Travel + Leisure magazine. Check out information and beautiful pictures.

Hotel Botanique explores the brazilian culture and delights

The Townhouse Hotel is for those seeking luxury and tranquility. The beauty of Campos do Jordão provides European and exuberant structure airs the establishment brings the best of Brazilian modern design, through construction features of our country. Also offers the best of brazilian cuisine. Cozy apartments, restaurant, bar, library, spa, wine cellar, living room and other environments.

Integrated with nature, the hotel is between picturesque slopes and breathtaking mountains in the heart of the Serra da Mantiqueira. The cost of hosting is one of the more expensive than Brazil, but includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and other services of high quality.

As if all this were not enough, the Lolahome is present in the Hotel Botaniquein some wonderful products as quilts and American Games. Watch the video and Marvel a bit more!