Luminube, a Pillow with Own Light

Happens to many that costs us to sleep at night, We go to bed at a reasonable hour, but we had a good time turning on it before getting to sleep, if now lame mobile, that if then a magazine, I turn a time radio… anything goes to entertain the mind, try download biorhythms and rest, but sometimes does not hurt a little light.

If you are of those who they spend time in bed awake, will understand as I am that This pillow with own light It can be very useful, not illuminated with too much intensity the fourth, not so much as to annoy the person with whom we share bed, if any, but enough for us to take a look at a magazine or write a message from mobile phones among other things

Is true that, for that, can also serve us as a lamp on the nightstand at night or even with latch type clamp which we can place on the headboard, but I do not deny that the luminous pillow is more original and it has much more charm. The children insurance that also going to like, but it will have to tread carefully with some of them, will not be that they gutted it to find light bulbs.