Imitation of Kandinsky with Plastic Caps

We will hardly make a perfect reproduction of a work of art some of us, but that we can draw inspiration from them. Today I bring a proposal for the work of Kandinsky lovers I know that many of you you will love, the idea is imitate him in a very original way, with plastic caps.

Surely many already know what picture is trying to imitate in this case, since it is one of his most famous works, dynamics and full of color, perfect for decorating at home, at the entrance, in the bedroom or in the lounge. Are squares and concentric circles of many colors and that several containers plastic lids can be perfect for playing the image.

In the image above you can see the comparison of the box of Kandinsky painted reproduction made with plastic caps, the truth is that there is nothing wrong. To my you feel me great for several reasons, one because we are recycling it is always good for the middle atmosphere, another because it has the value of our work personal and finally because it is not competing with the original work since it is something totally different.

And the same idea can be extrapolated to other pictures, i.e., if this is not the picture that we like, but We prefer other Kandinsky or another painter, We can find a way to play it safe, recycled material that pouring imagination, something must used to do it.