Ikea 2009 Catalogue Do Confronted a Little? (IV)

We have already given a good review to the various proposals of Ikea, but there are still some questions that treat. The first of these is the decoration, with objects that burst into soft pastels with the range of ornaments Blomster, vases, candle holders and artificial flower which extend the existing range.

The natural plants they are new pots as Mandel, terracotta, treated with silicone, available in six sizes.

To the broad cross section of candles Add the candle holder Skimmer handmade blown glass and floating candles Phenomenan in natural color. The small Lantern Kanaboda It is another novelty in decoration, single 2,99 EUR.

The lighting is understood as a means to create the desired atmosphere, whereas this section as part of the design of the room.

Lamps Ljusas, with four different designs and various colours occur on the cover of this section. Later we found the series Rutbo, also four different models with screens of waxed paper. New tulips Erserud that compose the lamps at whim by 9,99 EUR..

The section of textiles IKEA is a good alternative to traditional fabrics stores. Designs are renewed regularly, and prices have no competition. This year disappears fabric Belinda, that much has been seen in the network. To compensate us for series appear as Inger, that I can see in the image.

ALVINE It is a collection of clothes home with designs based on French screens of the 18th century. It shows curtains, tablecloths, rugs, cushions and duvets.

Another collection to highlight is Ruthlessness, as wide as the previously cited, which I’d like to highlight the carpets and the panel curtains.

Carpet Ringum stains of Black size of 130 cm, we can combine it with their little sisters, are in wide variety of colors.

Have the right to create an area of work, It is a concern that Ikea takes good account. The proposal is to find that space in any corner of the House, although not an exclusive room for this purpose is available. Not claim why Yes for the? guest room?

Are small desks IKEA Ps y Ludvig to work with your laptop, once finished the day look like decorative consoles. They have a price of 49,95 y 59,95 EUR.

STRIKT It changes the face of the law firms with his collection of magazine racks, boxes, etc. in red green and blue.

The last chapter is for the Organization home, and it is here where the series Broder completed to share protagonism with known shelves Gorm. New wine racks y supports for garden tools or sporting goods make it even more practical.

Everything ends and this advance of the catalogue 2009 comes to an end. I hope the wait bearable. For my has been a pleasure to share it with you, the countdown is on…