Eight Alternative Natural MOSS to Decorate The Crib

Every year the same controversy when the time comes for decorate the crib: if Moss or MOSS not? Although it is not forbidden to sell it, is quite controlled extraction of the MOSS of our forests, since its formation is difficult and how useful that is for storing moisture when the rains are not very frequent or as a substrate for seeds.

If you can avoid it, the ideal would be to decorate your Bethlehem recurrierais not natural Moss Since, apart from lead to more spending on maintenance, it is not nothing ecological (and MOSS that is sold is very expensive!). Today we propose eight alternatives for those who do not want to put Moss natural with which they secure that you’ll find at ease.

  • Cork trees. In my house we used to use it to put the mountains in the background, but if you don’t like you in Brown wood always you can stop dropping some flour over it or directly give a green spray so that apparent green meadows.
  • Sawdust green and Brown. Once more shot my memory to tell you that in our House at Christmas parties that were not covered with Cork had a thin layer of sawdust green (sell it as well, although I suspect that should not be very difficult to dye it) and then another normal dust that marked the road to Bethlehem portal.
  • Fabrics in colors. I like corduroy, that better mimics the turf. You can buy green, white or brown remnants depends on the snow-covered, you want the landscape.
  • Low artificial turf. I know that on the large surface of DIY sell very small squares of artificial turf, which can be used as a basis to go planting over the characters of the birth.
  • A plank of wood hand painted, where will the roads, mark the area green and of course the river that can not miss in any Bethlehem. Do or where plantáis you on washerwomen each year?
  • Brown paper, He stays tip when you wrinkle it, both to make mountains such as the walls of the portal.
  • Straw for soil. I use straw cut into it so that it would not be in giant size compared to the rest of the birth, but I leave that to your choice.
  • Pebbles, You can buy them even from the decorative laying at the bottom of the terrarium or if you have pet sand cat (before being used, of course).

In short, save the problem of the natural Moss It does not have why be difficult that you dig you some imagination. In fact ask your kids sure have a lot of ideas creative (and fun) in the connection.