Do It Yourself: Reuse The Cups as Tassels Desparejadas

All has happened that over the years we will doing with increasing parts of tableware that will become relegated to the bottom of the cabinets because their “ fellow ” travel have been breaking and, in the end, they end up becoming unique pieces. We keep them because it gives us worth to get rid of them, but inevitably, they end up going to the dustbin.

We have seen in Decoesfera that with cups descabaldas We make lamps, for example, but have never seen what can become in original tassels for the kitchen or dining room curtains. The steps to be followed are very simple and, if you look at the picture, it barely needs explanation.

Would have to drill a hole enough diameter, at the base of the Cup, as so we can move through the Curtain. We must then hang a hook in the window frame or wall to hold the Cup handle. And it is done. What do you think? As I mentioned, it seems to me a good idea for the kitchen or the Dining room; It would not put them in other rooms of the House.