Do It Yourself: a Beautiful Rack with an Old Table Washing

The object for which today we propose a new use is virtually impossible to find in modern houses but a few years ago (not many) presence was common in all houses. We refer to the old washboards. Sure if you rebuscáis in the lofts and storage rooms of the houses of field of your grandparents, they still retain some in good condition. The other solution to pick up one is in traces, markets or fairs of unpacking.

And what can we do if we are lucky to find one? We can choose to keep it as-is, as decorative object, or restore it and give a second utility, turning it into a lovely shelf, as in the photograph. If you have a good condition, we can keep the wooden, after a good cleaning. And if not, simply apply a coat of paint, the color that suits you.

Hangs upside down, on the wall, to make what was the top of the table of wash times rack, and you can add some wooden hangers scarves, neckties, collars, etc. The result is a practical and unique object, with great charm, which you can place anywhere in the House: in the entrance hall, bathroom, room, and that stands out in contrast with modern décor.