Decoration at the Sunrise Residence, from Plaenge!

If you have an issue that I don’t stay out of our wheels of conversation is decorating! You got it, right?  We were so involved with the design of the blogger’s room, in the Living More with Less, which is now our thoughts revolve around such interior design. But want to know the truth? We are amandooo, it is today that we have a “crush” on the subject. So whenever paints an opportunity for once some decorating tips, here we come! Recently we were invited by Plaenge Campo Grande to meet more new venture that the company has just launched in the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul: the Sunrise Residence. The decorated apartment is now open to public visitation and was a show … is there a place where you can pan vaara decor tips! We were delighted with the design, selection and distribution of furniture, colors and lighting, which makes a huge difference in environment. Anyone visiting the space details in finishing that sophistication and beauty, besides convenience, functionality and integration. The environments were super welcoming and well clean decor, the way we love … chic just right! Hehehehehe!

The Sunrise Residence’ll have 19 floors and will be built in one of the most charming regions of Campo Grande, the Savannah Woods (Rua Alvares de Azevedo, 305). The delivery is forecast for July 2017. With private area of 108 m² and 133 m² in total area, the resort offers 4 options that can meet the lifestyle of its residents. One of them has 2 bedrooms and 1 suite room for 2 environments. Among the differential apartment is kitchen gourmet balcony integrated with barbecue and worktop with sink. The refinement is also present on the ground of porcelain stoneware in the environment, in bathrooms and kitchen. In addition it is worth mentioning: 2 or 3 parking spaces (too important these days!). Already the recreation area will feature: Toy Library; Gourmet; Fitness Center; Entrance Hall; Living; Swimming pools for adults and children; Playground; Sports court; Ballroom; Games room and Spa. Recalling that the social hall, the gourmet and the gym are delivered furnished and equipped, as is standard of Plaenge! Genteee … a luxury … we want to pack and change running! Hahahahahahaha!

Check out the flashes we made in the apartment decorated the Sunrise Residence, where the option of plant has two suites, living room for three environments, terrace with barbecue and kitchen integrated theaters. Now here is a tip for those who are planning a renovation or simply want to change the decor of the house at the end of this year!