Converts Your Old T-Shirts in Beautiful and Original Pictures

As you have already been able to check, we love to take advantage of the things that we have more hand to decorate our home. Apart from being economically interesting, We don’t like to throw things that still is can take some advantage, and old t-shirts that we no longer use have become all a discovery to decorate.

You can with this simple DIY transform our old t-shirts into beautiful pictures to decorate any corner of the House, either the living room, the bedroom or child’s room. And, taking into account the different styles of shirt that we all tend to have in our wardrobe, safe that we find one that perfectly fits our decor.

The first thing we need are a few frames of wood — as many as shirts want to transform into box & #8212;, which you can find at any craft store. For frame size you need, will have to take into consideration several things: the size of t-shirt printing — so that is not too small or too large —, shirt size and, most importantly, the site where we’ll hang it and composition that we want to do.

In our case we have chosen by a vertical composition of three square frames 30 × 30 cm, which was already tall so t-shirts designs remain well framed and provided. We have the misfortune of not having a good store of crafts nearby, so we had to acquire the frames online, specifically in canvases Moià.

Now that we have everything, it is the moment of placing our shirt on the frame, so that we can find the perfect position. Once you have registered, you will have to turn carefully that doesn’t move us.

To secure the shirt to frame We need a professional stapler — of which are often used in DIY wood —, and the first thing we graparemos is the upper or lower part of the shirt. Once set the first part, we estiraremos well t shirt and post the opposite side, so that only the sides are us.

To be able to fix the sides we have to do a fold similar to that usually do by wrapping a gift, and so not a bundle is us by excess of fabric, cut a little — a look at the photographs to see it clearer & #8212;.

After you do one side, repeat the same operation as at the beginning: well spread the shirt and look the opposite side. We should already have a pretty picture, but still we lack trim all excess fabric, and add some Staples security points that we believe necessary.

To just finish it would hang them on the wall. To regret very little, we can make it perfectly with a single nail or Piton. A trick to hang comfortably It is to place the last staple centred at the top of the frame without nail at all; We will have a sort of ring, but very small, so that we can let the completely glued to the wall frames.